Welcome to Byss. It is the home to monsters, undead, and all manner of unpleasantness. The people who live there are tough, mean, and untrusting folk. There are precious few resources, little enough food, and more than enough ways to die. However, here lies buried the forgotten relics of generations of adventurers, treasure hunters, and the noble dead of Elysia itself, if the legends are to be believed. All anyone knows for sure is that very little of Byss is explored, but each new area is littered with treasure for those brave enough, crazy enough, or smart enough to find it.

Be careful, any missteps will be fatal. Be sure to log your adventures, so that your way may be paved to Elysia, and that future generations may benefit on their holy pilgrimage back through the trial survival in Byss.

Hail to the glorious (un) dead

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