Cleric Mermaid of Eadro


Cohort: Ulkair
Followers: Typhon-fight Cleric Merman
Oops didn’t mean to kill you man
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My name is Nerida. I was born to the slave pits of Zissyx, a cruel merfolk city. I never knew my parents, though I assume they met a sad end due to ill treatment and abuse. My mother must have been used as a broodmare, for I have five siblings. We were raised by a group working in the same kelp field, though no one took care of us.

One of my younger brothers died quite young from the kelp pox that caused some sort of fungal rot. Another younger brother died a little bit older from circumstances that were never revealed to me. Maybe he saw something he shouldn’t have, maybe he got caught up in a fight, maybe he caught the interest of an important someone to his detriment. I never was able to investigate at all, as no one cares enough about one little slave who met his end. My last brother, Severi, closest to me in age, managed to keep hold of his life. He was always ambitious, working very hard to earn his price to buy his freedom. Though he is younger, he won his freedom first. I hear from him, now and then. We are amicable enough, though there is a division between us. He looked out only for himself, not hurting us but not helping either. I don’t blame him. I’d rather he be free than a slave regardless, but we never bonded the same as I have with my sisters. He still feels guilty whenever he sees us.

My oldest sister, Aine, lost an arm to a shark attack. From then on, she was left in the breeding pits until she had a child, each one torn from her upon its birth. She did her best to take care of us, but it was hard on her after the attack. My other sister, Mayra, took it upon herself to take care of us after Aine was hurt. Out of desperation, she turned to gambling and won enough to free herself. She bet it all in hopes of being able to buy the remaining three of us, but she lost. Aine and I tried to stop her, but she became obsessed with gambling, needing to win it all back for some reason. At least if she had bought herself, she could have earned decent wages outside, eventually helping if she wanted to. Now I fear the day in which she tastes freedom will never come.

That left me to care for Aine. Without the protection of the other workers, we were given very little food, if any at all. I stole some of the kelp I was harvesting to barely sustain us, for I feared if I took anymore I would be found out. A sound beating makes working the next day difficult and reduced rations defeats the purpose of theft. I suppose that was the idea, but it was of no comfort to rumbling bellies. I continued to work as hard as I could, earning money slowly to buy my and Aine’s freedom. It tormented me to leave Mayra, but there was no feasible way to earn enough as a slave. I had to hold onto the hope that outside, I might one day have enough to save her, if there was anything left to save at that point. There is little the unforgiving reality of slavery can’t destroy.

When I finally left, I had been so happy. I finally would be able to work on honest living and have a simple life with Aine. I’d join the clergy, maybe do some good in this dark world, and live as I wanted. Only when I joined, I found there was a terrible stigma against past slaves. I had only been allowed in to snub some lord and his son, instantly making me their enemies. None of the rest of the clergy ever liked or approved of me either. Even with my freedom, to them, I was still just a dirty slave, my hands dyed green from the kelp they freely enjoyed.

The only exception was Coral, a young mermaid from another city. Maybe that is where she learned kindness from. She alone has known of my past and still accepted me as just another person. She occasionally pokes fun at me for my barbaric ways, especially concerning food and how little I care about clothing, but I know she means no harm. I sometimes think my antics just confused her, as she genuinely doesn’t understand. She’s never known even the hardship that was my everyday life, nor would I wish that she did. I’d rather smile at her innocent confusion. She accepted me and I protected her. If it weren’t for the clergy’s antics, trying to thwart me at every turn, I could be happy between Aine and Coral. All I can do is hope that by completing this suicide mission they’ve sent me on, I will prove myself a valuable member of the clergy.


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