Hard-boiled Scout-guide long-time hunter


Alix has been a hunter for 20 years, having joined the hunters at 15 when his folks were killed.

He’s awesome.


Everyone I grew up with is dead or in the civilian life. No one I know has been an active hunter as long as I have. Now I’m stuck with you rubes.

Alix told the party about his father who was killed and turned into a wraith, and how he hunted him down and put him to rest. Otherwise, he’s reclusive and deflective about his past. He has mentioned that he believes that people should be judged on their deeds and usefulness, not on their race or beliefs. Seems to be fairly open minded for a Byssian.

Having adopted Cheshire, Alix is now deeply invested in the survival of his new friends.


Hail to the glorious (un) dead georgethegreat42