Aging high priest, kindly eyes and silvery hair


The high priest of Byss, Agorran is powerful and devoted to the survival of his people. He wonders that the teaching of Byss are so harsh, but it is a harsh land that has bred and sustained them in their search for Elysia. Not knowing how to fulfill his mandate of finding this elusive place, he has instead focused on making his people as strong as possible. More clergy have flocked to the stark, stoic halls of the church of Byss than ever before, and they are strong, but somehow the undead have kept up with the increases of power. Not knowing what to do, he began throwing prayers to the dark, asking someone or something to come and change this destructive balance of power, to show them the way to Elysia, and he wonders if he has not found it in Eadro, thanks to Nerida, Loin, Mimi, and Cheshire. After the events following the battle with the Ichtaka, he has changed. His hair now flows like it is underwater, and is more silvery, and the aging planes of his face have hardened and seem stronger, more hopeful than before.


No one knows anything about him except he is very kind.


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